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Analysis and synthesis of designs of automobile shock absorbers for im-proving their reliability. Modern technologies. System analysis. Modeling, 2018, Vol. 57, No. 1, pp. 130-139. DOI: 10.26731 / 1813-9108.2018.1 (57). 130-139.

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The article provides a systematic approach to the analysis and synthesis of new designs of hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers for cars using the morphological methods of describing the object. The author considers synthesis of optimal structures as a problem of the general theory of the synthesis of technical systems. The shock absorber system is constructed as a system with open boundaries, when the number of components of the system and their variants is not known in advance, and the transition from one variant to another is discrete and difficult to formalize; a lot of options can be established only on the basis of a priori information of design experience; part of the options to be analyzed due to the lack of the required technical solutions. Methods and means for regulating shock absorbers are predetermined. Morphological analysis was carried out taking into account the graphs of possible structural elements of the shock absorber. The possibility of each structural element to be implemented in different variants is considered. The article defines the criteria for determining the enlarged indicators for the synthesis of new structures of the shock absorbers for automobiles. These criteria are presented in the form of two “weight” coefficients. The "weight" coefficients are distributed for alternative elements of the shock absorber system. In the paper, the synthesis of structures based on the use of structural and parametric optimization of technical systems is performed. The least reliable components of the shock absorber system were identified by parametric synthesis. The article reveals the most rational designs of the shock absorber system for a higher sum of "weight" coefficients. Designs are determined for the most optimal features of differentiation and regulation of the working cycle of hydraulic vibration dampers.

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