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621.311: 621.321


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For determination of emergency mode in traction power supply systems (TPSS) caused by short circuits (SC,) a number of effective algorithms are offered, the majority of which is based on symmetric components method or its modifications with other transformations of resistance and conductance matrix. In some methods which are widely put into practice, the external network modeling is used on the basis of the reactances determined by the SC power. In some cases, such an approach can lead to errors of the SC current determination. In the article, the research results are provided that are directed to these errors’ analysis in relation to 2×25 kV traction power supply systems. The purpose of researches consisted in errors of the SC currents evolving from simplified equivalence of external network by the SC reactances. To achieve this purpose, comparative calculations of SC currents are executed for standard schemes of the 2×25 kV tractive system when using complete models in phase coordinates and when using SC reactances of the electric power system.

Calculations of SC currents in 2×25 kV traction network by SC reactances and by the full-function equivalent scheme of Fazonord complex show rather small distinctions: the deviation on currents isn’t exceeded by 10%, on voltage 5% and on resistance 15%.

The results obtained can be used in case of enhancement of the existing and creation of new techniques of the SC currents determination in 2×25 kV traction networks.

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