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In the conditions of severe competition in the market, industrial enterprises face the practical task of organizing an integrated information environment for product creation. The main goal of creating an integrated information environment at various enterprises, including the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, is to improve the quality of the decisions made, accelerate the production preparation processes and master the technologies for manufacturing new products. This requires a careful choice of a set of systems (CAD / CAM / CAE / PDM), providing the basis for integrating the design and technological preparation of production and most fully taking into account the features of the products and their manufacturing processes. It is important to correctly solve this problem, since investments in the field of automation determine the competitiveness of the enterprise for years to come. This article is devoted to the problems of development and implementation of the technique for recognizing the objects of the electronic model of a crafted aircraft product using NX OPEN API tools in the SIEMENS NX graphical environment, illustrated by the example of one of the design elements of the flanging product. An algorithm for determining the structural and geometric parameters of an article and grouping the characteristics of the convergence of clustering objects on the basis of apparatus of vector algebra and graph theory is described. The proposed algorithm is applicable for formalizing a solution to a number of tasks to design and technological preparation of production, as well as to improve decision support systems that use the data of the electronic product model, with minimal participation and under the supervision of a specialist.

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