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Zakaryukin V.P., Kryukov A.V., Kutsyi A.P. Simulation of non-sinusoidal modes of traction power supply systems, equipped with reactive power compensation units. Modern technologies. System analysis. Modeling, 2018, Vol. 57, No. 1, pp. 72-79. DOI: 10.26731 / 1813-9108.2018.1 (57). 72-79

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621.311: 621.321


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Rectifying electric locomotives create significant harmonic distortions in tractive electric power supply systems. Because of existence of the higher harmonics, capacitor banks, which are a basic element of reactive power sources applied in power supply systems, can be overloaded. In case of harmonic increased levels such overloads can lead to the total failure of reactive power sources. Therefore, the problem of possible overload prediction has the practical significance. It becomes especially important when planning the passage of trains of increased weight.

The article describes the technique of computer simulation which makes it possible to define the capacitor batteries overload in the presence of higher harmonics currents. It is shown that the problem of overload prediction can be solved by the non-sinusoidal mode simulation for the planned amount of train traffic using the methods and means developed at Irkutsk State Transport University. The simulation was carried out by the software package Fazonord for the standard tractive power supply system including three intersubstation zones of 27.5 kV tractive network of the two-track section. The results showed that overloads of capacitor banks can be lowered to acceptable values by means of the protective reactor. When the reactor is shut down, overload coefficients become unacceptably large.

The offered technique of computer simulation gives the chance to define capacitor batteries’ overloads in the presence of non-sinusoidal curve currents and voltages.Practical application of the technique will allow avoiding emergency situations which can lead to failure of the expensive equipment.

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