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An identification problem is one of the fundamental ones in the automatic control theory. This is because the actual values of the parameters of technical systems’ elements always differ from the calculated ones adopted in the design due to a number of factors. Therefore, efficiency of the developed control system for the controllable object greatly depends on the accuracy of the process of parametric identification of the object’s model. In this article a new algorithm for searching the values of identifiable parameters of controllable dynamic models representing themselves as a system of nonlinear non-stationary ordinary differential equations of the normal Cauchy form has been proposed. A software-based algorithm for the parametric identification has been implemented using the mathematical apparatus of the problem of moments. To verify the efficiency of the proposed algorithm, the process of parametric identification of a nonlinear non-stationary controllable dynamic model of the second order has been studied. Numerical experiment has shown that the proposed algorithm is efficient and allows very accurate estimations of identifiable stationary and non-stationary parameters of nonlinear models of controllable dynamic systems.

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