Requirements for articles

Rules of the article formatting:

The article and all accompanying documents in electronic form are sent for approval to the editorial board of the journal by e-mail or After passing the approval procedure, the copy of the article signed by the author(s) and the originals of all accompanying documents is provided to the address: 664074, Irkutsk, ul. Chernyshevsky 15, office A-102, Irkutsk State Transport University.

• The length of article is 8-10 pages of A4 format.

• The article should be original (previously unpublished), self-sufficient, complete, integral, structured (statement of the objective (problem), theoretical (methodological) justification, description of the main results of theoretical and empirical studies, conclusions), containing a research of the topical problem.

• The text of the article is carefully proofread and signed by the author(s), who is(are) responsible for the originality of the research and the scientific and theoretical level of the published material.

• Articles of postgraduate students and applicants for the scientific degree of candidate of sciences are additionally signed by the research adviser / consultant.

• The article is submitted in paper and electronic form by e-mail in Microsoft Word format. The paper version must fully comply with the electronic version. When typesetting an article, please consider the following parameters:

• Page and paragraph: indents from above and from below – 2.5 cm; from the left and from the right – 1.75 cm; tabulation – 1 cm; orientation – portrait; font – Times New Roman, size – 11, line spacing – single, hyphenation – automatic;

• Captions of figures and tables: font – Times New Roman, size – 10, line spacing – single, typeface – bold.

• Text of the article is divided into two columns (column width: 8.5 cm, gap: 0.5 cm).

• When inserting formulas, use only Microsoft Equation 3 with the following parameters: elements of the formula for Greek letters and Symbol – font Symbol, for the rest of the elements – font Times New Roman (using the letters of the Russian alphabet in the formula is undesirable). Character size: normal – 11 pt, large index – 7 pt, small index – 5 pt, large character – 18 pt, small character – 11 pt. All descriptions of the elements of formulas in the text must also be performed by way of formulas.

• Drawings must be performed with a resolution of 300 dpi, B & W for black and white illustrations, Grayscale for halftones, the maximum size of the picture with caption is 150 mm width, 245 mm height, represented as a file with the extension * .jpg, *. tif, must allow displacement in the text and the possibility of resizing. The journal does not accept articles with colour drawings and / or tables, including those that are rotated vertically (landscape orientation).

Download a template for the sample article design

The article should contain the following elements, given proper form in accordance with the requirements of the journal:

• the UDC identifier;

• the title of the article in Russian and English;

• the names and initials of the author (s) in Russian and English (see recommendations);

• annotation in Russian and English languages, performed according to the journal requirements;

• keywords in Russian and English (see recommendations);

• bibliography (at least 15 sources) and references to it (see recommendations). The editorial board recommends including at least 25% of references to foreign authors, as well as familiarizing with the works of the Irkutsk State Transport University scientists on the subject of your work.

Accompanying documents to the article are:

• application for the article publication (download the application form);

• expert opinion on the possibility of publication.

The order of reviewal of articles submitted to the editors of the scientific journal "Modern Technologies. System analysis. Modeling":

• Submitting articles for consideration, the author(s) should strictly adhere to the rules for designing the article and the availability of all accompanying documents;

• the submitted articles are considered by the editorial board in accordance with the rules, see  "Review procedure for articles";

• The editorial board reserves the right to reject articles that do not fulfil the established requirements or subject matter of the journal;

• if the article is rejected from publication, the editorial team sends a reasoned refusal to the author;

• the editorial board does not enter into a discussion with authors of rejected materials and does not return the manuscripts.