Development of a method for calculating the dependence of the rotational speed of a flat-blade impeller with a pipe on the fluid flow

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Bal’chugov A. V., Kustov B. O., Badenikov A. V. Razrabotka metodiki rascheta zavisimosti chastoty vrashcheniya ploskolopastnoi kryl'chatki s truboi ot raskhoda zhidkosti [Development of a method for calculating the dependence of the rotational speed of a flat-blade impeller with a pipe on the fluid flow]. Sovremennye tekhnologii. Sistemnyi analiz. Modelirovanie [Modern Technologies. System Analysis. Modeling], 2020, No. 3(67), pp. 16–22. 10.26731/1813-9108.2020.3(67).16-22

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The article presents a developed methodology for calculating the dependence of the rotational speed of a flat-blade impeller with a pipe on the flow rate of fluid in the pipe and the results of experimental verification of the proposed methodology. The relevance of the work stems from the fact that devices with a rotating impeller and a tube are promising for the intensification of the heat transfer process, and, currently, there is no acceptable engineering methodology for their calculation. The calculation method is based on a modified classical equation of motion of the impeller, presented in the form of a balance of the driving moment of rotation of the impeller and the sum of the moments of loss, taking into account the moment of friction in the pipe that rotates together with the impeller and taking into account the mass of the rotating fluid. The calculation procedure is valid for flat-blade impellers with an impeller wheel having cone-shaped protrusions at the ends, provided that the impeller blades are rigidly attached to the pipe walls. It is shown that, according to the calculation results, due to the friction energy loss in the rotating pipe, the impeller, bearing supports and lip-type sealings, the flat-blade impeller rotation speed decreases by 9,4 % compared to the maximum (ideal rotation speed). The proposed calculation method allows one to obtain a linear equation of the dependence of the impeller speed on the flow rate of the fluid in the pipe with an approximation reliability 0,968 in the range of water flow rate 1,7–3,4 m3/h. An experimental verification of the calculated dependence, obtained as a result of calculation by this method, was performed. The permissible deviation of the calculation results from the experimental results in the amount of 8,1–14,7 % is observed within the range of water flow rate 1,95–2,8 m3/h. If the water flow rate is less than 1,7 m3/h, the pipe rotation wasn’t steady. The developed calculation procedure and the obtained equations of the dependence of the rotation speed on the water flow will be in demand in the development of new devices to intensify heat transfer processes due to the fact that a fluid flow rotates the impeller with the heat exchange pipe.

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