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Buyakova N. V., Zakaryukin V. P., Kryukov A. V., Stepanov A. D. Elektromagnitnaya bezopasnost' v sistemakh vneshnego elektrosnabzheniya zheleznykh dorog [Electromagnetic safety in railroad external power supply systems]. Sovremennye tekhnologii. Sistemnyi analiz. Modelirovanie [Modern Technologies. System Analysis. Modeling], 2019. Vol. 62, No. 2. Pp. 133–141. DOI: 10.26731/1813-9108.2019.2(62).133–141

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621.311, 621.331


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The The purpose of the researches presented in the article consisted in the development of methods and means of adequate modeling of electromagnetic fields (EMF) near high-voltage transmission lines (TL) feeding AC railway traction substations. To analyze EMFs, modes of electrical power systems (EPS) were defined by means of methods based on models of elements in the form of latticed equivalent circuits with full-coherent topology. These models and methods are implemented in the software package Fazonord-APC, providing the modelling of EPS modes and also the definition of electromagnetic field intensities which is created by multiwire transmission lines. The article presents calculation results of electromagnetic fields created by the high-voltage power lines feeding traction substations. The first part provides results of EMF definitions on sites of a 220 kV two-chain transmission line. It is shown that electromagnetic field intensities on the transmission line route don't exceed allowable limits for electrical personnel. Levels of the intensities significantly depend on the phasing of the wires. The largest values are observed on the site which corresponds to the phasing on arrangement of the wires from top to down and from left to right as A, B, C, A, B, C. The second part presents the analysis of high-voltage transmission line EMF on the basis of a simulation modeling of the external and traction power supply integrated system. The results obtained show a larger variability magnetic field of 110 kV transmission line which borders closely on traction substations in comparison with main 220 kV transmission line. The EMF definition technique presented in the article can be used to solve problems of increase in electromagnetic safety in railroad external power supply systems.

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