Modeling of electromagnetic influence of traction networks on pipelines in case of complex approach paths

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Kryukov A. V., Cherepanov A. V., Kryukov A. E., Mukhopad Yu. F. Modelirovanie elektromagnitnykh vliyanii tyagovykh setei na truboprovody pri slozhnykh traektoriyakh sblizheniya [Modeling of electromagnetic influence of traction networks on pipelines in case of complex approach  paths]. Sovremennye tekhnologii. Sistemnyi analiz. Modelirovanie [Modern Technologies. System Analysis. Modeling], 2020, No. 3(67), pp. 116–125. 10.26731/1813-9108.2020.3(67).116-125

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621.311: 621.331


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The purpose of the computer research presented in the article was to develop a methodology for simulating the electromagnetic influence of traction networks of AC railways on pipelines laid on the ground surface. The paper considers situations corresponding to the complex paths for pipelines approaching railway lines. The simulation was carried out in the Fazonord software package developed at Irkutsk State Transport University. In this software package, a lattice equivalent circuit of a multi-wire system is formed by using expressions for the internal and mutual resistances of individual conductors. In this case, an algorithm for implementing Carson's formulas is applied, which is acceptable from the viewpoint of coverage of the near, intermediate, and far zones and has sufficient speed for multiple calculations carried out to account for the displacement of traction loads. Modeling results are presented for an example of a 25-kV traction network and a pipeline laid on the ground. The situation of a complex path for the traction network approaching the pipeline was considered. For comparison, calculations were performed with parallel approximation. It is shown that the maximum induced voltage in the latter case can exceed 100 V. For a complex path, this indicator is 85 V, but also exceeds the permissible value of 60 V. In order to ensure safe working conditions for the personnel, measures are required to lower the induced voltages. The proposed methodology can be used to solve practical problems associated with the design and operation of oil and gas transport pipeline sections approaching routes of electrified alternating current railways. The methodology is multiple-function and can be used for any trajectory of pipelines approaching traction networks. It is possible to take into account the unequal electrical characteristics of soils in individual sections of the approach. This work was financially supported by a grant on the topic “Improving the quality of electric energy and electromagnetic safety in power supply systems of railways equipped with Smart Grid devices by applying methods and means of mathematical modeling based on phase coordinates”.

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