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Ice, hoarfrost and sleet on wires of a tractive network can lead to the following negative consequences: to whipping and approach of wires; to intensive dancing of wires leading to short circuits, damages of the linear accessories and fixings result; to a mechanical overload and wire breakage, breakage traverse and brackets; to corrupting of support in case of the strong wind and existence of ice cover. Thermal, mechanical and chemical methods are applied to fight against ice. Preventive heating of wires and melting of ice belong to thermal methods.

Efficiency of thermal methods of fight against ice can be increased by methods of planning of heating and melting modes based on computer simulation. Such simulation can be realized with use of methods of determination of tractive electrical power supply system’s modes in phase coordinates developed at the Irkutsk state transport university.

Results of the researches aiming to create computer simulation technologies of fight against ice cover by wires heating by currents arising in case of contact network supply from different phases of tractive substation are given in the article.

On the basis of received results the following outputs are formulated: in case of contact network supply from different phases of tractive substation wires currents increase significantly; these currents cause the essential wires heating sufficient for effective ice melting; in a contact network supply from different phases of tractive substations electric locomotives current collectors voltages were in tolerable limits; asymmetry coefficients on the reverse sequence on primary buses of tractive substations didn't quit from normally tolerance ranges; growth of the currents proceeding on wires led to increase in magnetic field strength.

The offered technique of modelling contact network supply from different phases of tractive substations can be applied to planning of modes of fight against ice.

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