Modernization of the product element on the basis of a computational experiment

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Mukhutdinov A. R., Efimov M. G., Vakhidova Z. R. Modernizatsiya elementa izdeliya na osnove vychislitel'nogo eksperimenta [Modernization of the product element on the basis of a computational experiment]. Sovremennye tekhnologii. Sistemnyi analiz. Modelirovanie [Modern Technologies. System Analysis. Modeling], 2020, Vol. 66, No. 2, pp. 28–37. DOI: 10.26731/1813-9108.2020.2(66).28-37

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004.94, 539.3


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In this article, a technique of the computer modeling of a housing element  for a special product was developed and worked out to increase its efficiency through the use of modern information technologies. It is shown that the modernization of the housing element of a special product through computer modeling and computational experiment with 3D models can improve the technical and economic performance of the production of a special product. Experiments conducted on the housing element of the special product confirm the results obtained using standard specimens. A comparative analysis of the experimental data with the results of computer modeling is carried out. The latter ones have an underestimation of the safety factor, which is associated with incomplete consideration of the main properties of the object. To increase the strength characteristics and reduce the prime cost of manufacturing the housing element, special products can be made with the following modernization: replacing material AD-33 with AK-6 and reducing the number of supports from four to three. Experimental data obtained using modern information technologies show that the strength characteristics of a housing element of a special product with three supports made of aluminum alloy of the AK-6 grade exceed the characteristics of a standard housing element with four supports of the AD-33 alloy by 11 %. The computer-aided design system (of a middle category) allows one to determine the voltage value that the housing element is subjected to at the time of loading. So, in order for microcracks to emerge on its supports, it is necessary to apply a load of 15.6 kN.

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